We promote extended research to identify how your company is noted in its area of influence, the expectation of deliveries against promise, strengths and treats by competitors or partners, as well as a full panorama of the business area.

Every public, no matter its size, must be researched so we can understand its needs and expectations. This data will help the construction of a positive image to the brands, as well as long term relations.

OITO DEZOITO ’s perception diagnosis will promote three paths to the analysis: perception gaps, insights and benchmarking.


We guide the construction of the corporative and commercial identity – trend researches, market and stake holders feed-backs, translated to the cognitive effects over the brand.

OITO DEZOITO proposes the brand conceptual development, co-creating logo and slogan, promoting studies on the company positioning with a clear value perception


Research about the main stakeholder profiles in order to build long term relations. OITO DEZOITO promotes a complete scan of publics, identifying primary, secondary and tertiary influence zones, to organize communication and sales policies. We can also define a classification for the vulnerability of businesses.


Planning coordination to different areas of communication, participating in meetings, organizing objectives and goals to different areas of the company.

One of our capabilities is the possibility of coordinating integrated communication plans in sales and institutional campaigns, creating a stronger brand, for small communities or world wide.


After developed the communication master plan, we must transmit it to suppliers and media, in order to obey a time line to generate results. For this matter, we will assure that all players and prospects get the message and for this, all will be absorbed to generate positive results.

OITO DEZOITO participates in the construction of the briefing, evaluates, define suppliers and organizes the relations between the company and web designers, web providers, publicity agency, video producers, among some of them.

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